For 20 years we have been striving to offer the Egyptian market as many luxury fashion brands as possible, whether it be: watches, Jewelry’s , accessories and leather goods. Our aim is to continue providing our clients with top notch brands and the trendiest there is that we can offer.

The watch brands we are proudly providing are Charriol, Versace Salvatore Ferragamo, and Aigner .All our efforts are devoted towards bringing the trendiest and most fashionable goods to the market.

We have several locations across Egypt, all of which are in the city's biggest and most popular malls. We have made sure we are present all over in order to be within everyone's proximity. This is just a year in Felopateer Palace's book but we plan for a lifetime ahead of us. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience and we hope to always have in stores exactly what you come seeking.